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What’s new at CAMP GCUC

If you’re thinking about opening a coworking space or jumping into our thriving industry you need to attend CAMP.  Think of it like taking a drink from a firehose. In one action packed day we will teach you everything you need to know to get started!

GCUC doesn’t believe in being static, we like to keep thing moving and evolving. When we first developed camp, it consisted of 4 sessions: Community, Technology, Design and Legal.  

We did this for a couple years, listened to our attendees feedback and shifted away from Legal to Finance. Nope. Not the right combo either- something was missing. We took out finance and added in Real Estate and that brought us closer but people missed the finance portion. We were still receiving feedback that camp was good but it was missing something. Well folks, that brought us to this year. Drum roll please, the camp lineup is as follows:

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Community
  • Design

This year we added in a Branding and Marketing session and reformatted the Finance session one to be a proforma (Don’t know what that is? Buy a ticket. You will need this).

Building your brand and using it to market your business: It’s tough to differentiate in a market crowded with other kickass coworking spaces and executive suites! How do you make the most of your limited budget and push past category services and benefits? It’s all about the brand! Come learn how to write your brand story and bring it to life through a unique user experience and across all communications.

Finance- a proforma approach: If the numbers don’t work, don’t do it. But don’t worry, real time we will show you how to construct a financial model for a shared workspace space. Then we will use the model to show how good architecture can maximize space efficiency and financial profitability in the coworking world.  

We think we are onto something here. This might just be the magic combo. If you are within a year (either way) of opening a space or have never been to a GCUC conference before- check out camp

Since you hung with us to the bitter end you are being rewarded with a discount code! Enter in the code HELLYEA for a discount to CAMP. You’re Welcome.


Want to learn more about GCUC, where it’s heading, how you can be a sponsor, or how to get in on the action in some other way? Contact us to get connected.
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