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Tony Bacigalupo

"Just renting rectangles of space is boring. Let's build communities people will truly love to belong to."

Hey there!

I’m sort of obsessed with bringing people together. I started and ran Manhattan’s first coworking space, New Work City, in 2008—using it as a clubhouse for hundreds of Meetups, workshops, classes, hackathons, unconferences, potlucks, and more.

I’m now now sharing my 11+ years of knowledge to help others build collaborative spaces all around the world through my consultancy, New Work Cities.

I see way too many people struggling to start and grow their spaces, and that hurts—because I love coworking as much as anyone on earth, and I want to see lots of successful, thriving coworking spaces in the world.

I believe that to build a thriving coworking space, you have to cultivate great relationships between the members.

So, aside from helping people get all of their questions answered about how to start, operate, and grow a coworking space, I’m constantly working to share the easiest and most effective programs possible to attract members and cultivate an amazing culture.

To facilitate this, I made a super affordable membership program that lets me help you in a sustainable way.

When you join my Mastermind program, you get access to a one-on-one coaching session, weekly group video Q&As, a massive archive of videos with answers to common questions, my full Coworking Toolkit and more.

I’m here to ensure you have a long, prosperous time running your coworking space.

Let’s talk about making that happen together!


New Work Cities


Greenlawn, NY


Growing membership, Getting started, Literally any question at all!


Want to learn more about GCUC, where it’s heading, how you can be a sponsor, or how to get in on the action in some other way? Contact us to get connected.
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