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Philip Vanhoutte

It's time for the nature of work to be working with nature.

Leveraging a rewarding international career in the ITC industry, my passion for personal productivity tools and communication & collaboration solutions has morphed into a singular purpose: accelerating the realization of human potential.

I champion the adoption of Smarter Working: a holistic human centered work design practice that unifies space, technology and people disciplines. Co-authored “The Smarter Working Manifesto”, a definitive guide on how to shape the best work style. Workplace Effectiveness Benchmarking, Activity Based Working, SoundScaping and Distributed Work Success are some of the innovations I promote in this field.

I stimulate Smarter Careers as catalyst for Human Realization, curating diverse tools into a cohesive framework for Self-Directed Career Management. As a career veteran I advocate Deep Motivation Analysis, discovery and unleashing of Core Energy, Essence Mining for Meaning at Work and Career Fitness Profiling.

In my quest for Health & Happiness at Work I learned that Nature Deficit Disorder has produced highest ever burnouts, work induced sickness and a struggling workforce. With the launch of Ozadi’s Nature@Work, there should never be just another day at the office




Varsenare, West-Vlaanderen


Human Potential Realization


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