Who's Coming

Iris Kavanagh

There's no one right way to do coworking, it's a choose your own adventure model. The only prerequisite is a passion for people and willingness to work hard.

I first came to coworking as a member and after 10 years in the movement, my focus continues to be the people and members who make the movement happen. Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people better themselves and their communities through the collaborative spaces I’ve run and consulted for.

I focus on helping start-up spaces build their operations and develop connected communities and I specialize in hiring staff who match the culture of each unique space I work with. I also enjoy telling the stories of the people behind the movement through my podcast and am the co-founder of Women Who Cowork, proudly elevating the women behind the movement.


Santa Cruz, CA


Consulting in community, hiring/training, operations


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