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Hyphen No More.

We are making history here people.

For years the coworking community and those who were trying to understand the coworking community were at odds about the real spelling of coworking. Those that were in the day to day throughs of the industry called it coworking. No dash. Why? Because we like to be together.

But there was always this disjunction- when coworking became more mainstream and popular the press talked about it. In true journalist fashion they followed the rules of the APA- who clearly didnt cowork because they deemed it as “co-working”. The collaborative industry took to twitter, facebook, instagram- hell, where ever they could to express that it was “coworking” not “co-working” but for years the sentiments fell on deaf ears- until yesterday.

Yesterday, the APA released an update to the term “coworking”. The dash had been eliminate! Huzah, a seemingly small win but a huge one in the eyes of those in the coworking community. You see- now the world is catching on, they are really starting to get it. Coworking is not a trend. It’s not a fad and to be honest, it’s not going to go away any time soon.

Coworking is uniting the people, coworking is creating a community that is not only diverse but inclusive. Coworking is fundamentally changing the way we work.We are building the future of work here, people. Now that we can all agree on the nomenclature and spelling, there is nothing standing in our way from growing this thing to be even more life altering.

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