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What’s new at CAMP GCUC

If you’re thinking about opening a coworking space or jumping into our thriving industry you need to attend CAMP.  Think of it like taking a drink from a firehose. In one action packed day we will teach you everything you need to know to get started! GCUC doesn’t believe in being static, we like to… Read More

  • Things to do in Denver (when you are not at GCUC)

    We hope you have heard by now (and got a ticket) that GCUC is headed to Denver this April. If you know anything about Denver this time of year, you know we are in store for some awesome weather and scenery. We highly encourage you to come in a day early or stay through the… Read More

  • Coworking Megatrend Predictions for 2019 (and a Bombshell)

    As founder of GCUC, the world’s largest coworking conference series, I travel the world learning about coworking. At the end of each year, I look ahead to where the coworking world is going and share my predictions for the coming year. Last year’s Coworking Megatrend Predictions for 2018 focused on demand, the WeWork effect, scarcity… Read More

  • Mental Health Apps and Resources

    Here at GCUC we believe in advocating and supporting mental health. We believe in spreading awareness and prompting people to have the hard conversations. It’s time that we make a change and destigmatize the conversation around mental health. There is no shame in mental illness- or talking about it. Last year we launched #Checkyomate with… Read More

  • 12 Days of Charity

    For the past few months we have been working on a social impact program that launched internationally. While I am close, I’m not there yet so keep your eyes peeled in January for that but seeing as we are in the season of giving I wanted to do a concentrated version of this program in… Read More

  • Liz Elam talks GCUC UK, the Coworking Market and the essensys partnership

    GCUC shanghai is 8 days away, GCUC Latam… 60 and GCUC USA in Denver a mere 139. While we are hard at working planning these epic events we figured now was as good of time as ever to revisit this gem courtesy of @essensys our global partner: If you haven’t yet heard of GCUC, it’s… Read More

  • Coworking Does Not Need A New Definition

    This is my opinion about the article “Should Coworking Change its Definition.” Recently Allwork.Space published this article and I found the need to respond: In this article it claims that ‘Coworking has evolved into something that is not really coworking anymore.’ Few things make my blood boil more than a panel produced by the… Read More


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