Nicole Vasquez

Nicole Vasquez

Nicole Vasquez, MBA, creates workspaces that accelerate productivity, connect people, and inspire collaboration. Her daily mission is to help other people pursue their passions while connecting them to the opportunities and resources needed to achieve their goals. Nicole is committed to supporting small businesses, promoting individuals doing great things in Chicago, and building shared communities through local outreach, collaborative events, and strategic partnerships.

Nicole was named one of the “35 Under 35 Making an Impact in Chicago,” won the 46th Ward Innovator Award, the RedEye Chicago Big Idea Award for Community, and was a Professional Fellow through the U.S. Department of State traveling to Europe to speak about entrepreneurship, building collaborative communities, and managing coworking spaces.

In addition to being founder of The Shift, and co-founder of Second Shift (named ‘Chicago’s Best Coworking Space in 2017), Nicole is the Chief Community Officer for Deskpass (named one of Chicago’s “50 on Fire”), and a coworking space consultant helping people to start, build, and manage shared collaborative spaces.

When she’s not geeking out about coworking and community building, she travels, writes, and learns about the world through observations and conversations with people.

Find her on Twitter at @NicoleRVasque and Instagram at @NicoleReneeV

Fnd her companies on Twitter at: @DeskpassHQ, @TheShiftChi, and @SecondShiftChi