Madison Maidment

Madison Maidment

Madison is in front of Global Partnerships and Product Development at — The global community-powered platform that connects people to 7,000 coworking communities in over 125 countries. Pretty cool, right?

Motivated to inspire people to work differently, Madison is passionate about sharing and facilitating all of the brilliant opportunities that coworking presents to all types of workers out there — from entrepreneurs to employees of Fortune 500 companies and of course, to those who work remotely for a super cool startup, like 😉

Likewise, Madison is also hellbent on sharing the stories of all of the amazing coworking spaces around the world, from highlighting coworking communities, featuring founders stories, spreading awareness of space lead initiatives, and promoting coworking related events.

Other passions include traveling, scuba diving, and talking to Uber drivers.

Track her down if you want to chat about how to increase visibility and leads for your space, want to be interviewed for a feature article, or if you have any insights into where to find the best NYC slice.