• April 15

    Camp GCUC

    Stay tuned for agenda updates, as we are fluid!

    • 8:30

      Doors Open for Check-in and Last Minute Registration

      Check in, grab your badge and mingle with other attendees. Don’t forget to check out all of our awesome juicy sponsors.

    • 9:45

      Welcome to Camp GCUC

      Welcome to GCUC! Get the lay of the land and learn the flow. It is going to be a day jam packed of goodness.


      • Liz Elam Founder of GCUC and Link Coworking
    • 10:00


      Let’s talk about the nitty gritty. The industry is evolving and so are the financing methods. Do you boot strap, raise money, have investors, partner up or buy outright? Where are the known money pits and where exactly is the sweet spot that yields a profit? Come and see.

    • 11:00

      Break time

      Grab a snack, meet some people, chat up some of our awesome sponsors.

    • 11:15


      Unless you are an IT guru- technology can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate (SO MANY OPTIONS). Here you will get a quick walk though on the software and hardware basics- you know- the stuff that you will need to keep your space up and running as well as the opportunity to Q and A with one of our industry’s Techsperts. (techexpert).

    • 12:15

      Chow Time

      Grab some lunch and make some friends.

    • 1:30


      Its not kumbya but it is serendipitous. Friendships, partnerships, connections and opportunity are born from a well established community- but how do you build it? Monetize it? Turn it on its head with the coolest events ever? We kid- but really. Here at GCUC, not only will we teach you to build it, we will immerse you in ours. Hows that for a real time demo?

    • 2:30

      Never have I ever

      We are here to keep you on your toes. Stay in the room, you will enjoy this one.

    • 3:00


      Hate to say it- but its not just about the community. Community thrives in a well designed and activated space. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to take notes. We’re not talking just furniture, we are talking well certified, biomemicry, instagramable shared workspace bliss. Are you ready?

    • 4:00

      Building your brand

      It’s tough to differentiate in a market crowded with other kickass coworking spaces and executive suites! How do you make the most of your limited budget and push past category services and benefits ? It’s all about the brand! Come learn how to write your brand story and bring it to life through a unique user experience and across all communications.


    • 5:30

      Happy Hour

      Join the crew for a drink to continue the networking. Location TBA

    • 7:30

      VIP Dinner

      If you have a VIP ticket, you have the details for this.

      If you are reading this and are already jealous, we do accept ticket upgrades until April 5th.

  • April 16

    GCUC Day 1

    • 8:30

      Doors are open

      Welcome to GCUC! Grab your badge, a cup of coffee and get ready for a full day of juicy content.

    • 10:00

      Welcome to GCUC

      We have three themes at GCUC this year, Liz will lay it all out for you.


    • 10:30

      Women to Watch

    • 11:10

      Break time

      Grab a snack and make some new friends.

    • 11:45

      The New Workforce

      How do you adapt your space, team and culture for the newest generation coming in? Hint- its a big shift and you will want this information.

    • 12:15

      It more than niche, its needed

      Join us as we discuss the evolution of specialized spaces and their impact on the shared workspace.

    • 1:00

      Lunch is served

      Grab a plate and sit next to someone new.

    • 2:30

      Coworky Awards

      It’s trophy time, y’all.

    • 2:45

      The land of opportunity

      Where is? Why is it? What is there? Don’t worry, we will tell you.

    • 3:00

      Succession planning for amateurs

      So… whats next?

    • 4:00

      Research Roundtable

      Listen in as some of the industry leading experts discuss the state of the nation.

    • 4:20


      Get up, mingle with a new friend, walk around the exhibitor hall, get a cup of coffee and return to your seat- not necessarily in that order. But do it.

    • 4:45

      Designing to differentiate in a saturated market

      How do you design your space to stand out?  Think designing at the next level. 2.0. if you will. More than just functional and pretty. Designing your amenities in, designing wellness in. #designofthefuture

    • 5:15

      Wrap up and head to happy hour

      Rapid fire wrap up before heading over to happy hour. What did you learn and want to share? Got questions? Lets do this thing.

    • 5:45

      EVOT Happy Hour

      Its time to party. Join us at Enterprise Coworking for sips bites and drinks courtesy of our friends at EVOT. If you don’t know them- you should. For real.  Let the shenanigans begin.

    • 7:45

      Dinner with friends

      GCUC is all about making connections, bettering yourself and your business and of  course having fun. Wrangle a couple of your new friends and head off to dinner in the city- DENVER IS BEAUTIFUL!

    • 3:45

      Break time

      Grab a snack and mingle with your new friends.

  • April 17th

    GCUC Day 2

    Unconference- Details coming soon

  • April 18

    Coworking tours

    • 10:00

      Coworking tours

      Whoop! Coworking tours are back again this year. We are currently in the process of curating the routes and spaces so stand by for more information.

      There will be a sign up sheet for group tours posted this month so make sure to check back to reserve a spot.

      *please note that out of respect for the local coworking spaces- group tours can only be so big as to not disrupt their members. With this being said, group tours are first come, first served and will be cut off when full. If you sign up and can no longer make it- please email

      A list and map of spaces offering drop in tours will be available soon if group outings are not your thing.



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